Next Gen: Italian Cuisine

The National Italian American Foundation, Ambassador Magazine – Spring 2017

In a culture where history and tradition are valued above all else, two young Italian American women are making a name for themselves from opposite sides of the Atlantic—one from New Jersey, the other from Rome. Both are breaking the mold of the Italian culinary tradition…in the kitchen and online… [Read More]

Why Does Traveling Make You Feel Like Your Best Self? – July 10, 2016

Why do we feel so great when we travel? Is it the prospect of finally snapping that perfect picture of the Eiffel Tower? Is it the endless amount of delicious, new food (probably not, but it certainly helps!)? Is it meeting new people from exciting new places? Or maybe it’s something on a much deeper level that keeps us coming back for more, always pushing ourselves to see more, eat more (seconds? thirds?), learn more… [Read more]